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Hi! I’m Mystic Traveler. Let’s Go TRAVEL

Mystic traveler Anoop invites you to explore and experience the impulse of the healing power of mountain silence, desert indifference, and intrinsic sacredness of forests and vibrating spirit of the sea. Anoop is a great spiritual practitioner and an authentic guide to timeless wisdom with his years of understanding of observing people, animals, and the natural world.

Anoop appreciates that not all tourists are alike and neither are their motivations, attitudes, benefits sought, or destination choices. But, one thing is for sure that it will add meaning to your life.

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The blog features some interesting travel tips, destination lists, and travel photography to help plan your next vacation. Don’t wait, experience the untraveled destinations with me.

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Traveling is not simply journeying to a destination; it’s an experience. With Mystic Traveler Anoop, your experience goes to a new level as he enlightens you in making the most of each moment of your trip.



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Why Us

Why Travel With Anoop

You might wonder why I am urging you to travel with me, right? You are an independent person and can travel on your own. Yes, you can. But, traveling with me is different. First, the choice of place. Your time is precious, so is your money. I can help you choose a pristine place away from the usual hustle-bustle of tourists and so filled with beauty and divinity that you would be awed to the core. The places that I choose are NOT ORDINARY.

These are less common, sometimes unknown, places that possess Divine powers and strong spiritual energies that can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. And that’s what you need when you are stuck in mundane activities of routine life and need a break. That’s what you need when you wish to discover or awaken your “other side” or the spiritual side, which makes you more powerful than you ever thought you were.

It is said traveling teaches you. Yeah, right. But traveling with me frees you. It frees you from the chains of limited thinking, boundaries of your mind, the trap of your routine, and the maze of your life.

Mystic Powers

The places that you travel with Mystic Traveler Anoop are no ordinary places. They are spiritual places with rich histories and powerful cosmic energies that can help you cleanse your aura and balance your energy chakras.

Pristine Nature

Anoop takes you to places that are untouched and possessed with nature’s ultimate beauty.

Spiritual Retreat

Traveling with Anoop is no ordinary vacation or holiday. It’s a spiritual retreat. Some places will even test your physical fitness and mental endurance.