Chera Rocks, Cobra Cave, and Thottada Beach

Chera Rocks, Cobra Cave, and Thottada Beach

You might have been to a beach. But have you ever been to a beach that is cut off from the sounds of the busy world and is a sort of lonely planet where the only sound you can hear is of the Arabian sea?

Perhaps not, because such beaches are not the usual tourist spots. They are Mother Nature’s own basket – completely untouched, clean, and pure. This is Thottada beach in North Kerala.

If you wish to see the real North Kerala, come to its villages, virgin beach, Chera rocks, and the Cobra cave. Skip the cities.


A long time ago, a sage resided in the sacred cave located in between the rocks at the Thottada beach near Kannur district of North Kerala. The cave is not prominent from the outside or even nearby the rocks. You must climb the rocks to see the cave.

The sage lived in the cave for around 30 years. He did penance in the cave. Then, one fine day, he vanished, never to be seen again.

People of the nearby villages began to light the traditional Keralite brass lamps at the cave. Soon, the cave was dotted with hundreds of lamps.

As the legend goes, one day, a thief spotted these lamps and started stealing them, collecting them all in a sack. Suddenly, several King Cobras appeared and surrounded the thief. This frightened the thief terribly and he left the sack there and fled.


What’s Special

The specialty of Thottada beach and Cobra cave is not to be seen, but to be felt. As you visit the Cobra cave, you will feel a unique cosmic energy that will give you a feeling of awakening. The feeling differs from person to person. For many people, this may be a fleeting experience, while for some this could be the spiritual awakening they were looking for.

Chera rocks, which are located some 25 km from Kannaur, are lonely rocks that endure the thunderous sea waves that hit them from time to time.

The rocks may seem strange to you. Their surface looks like the skin of a hippopotamus or a dinosaur. You may even spot a one-foot long weird fish featuring leopard skin and spines on the body!

The area around Chera rocks can be eerily silent and empty. As you walk on the rocks, you may realize that you are the only person walking here. Nobody is there. Of course, you are given company by strange birds and creatures that you may have never seen anywhere else.

If you could swim through the sea in a straight direction from the beach, you would reach the east coast of Africa!

Cobra Cave is located in the front part of Chera rocks, at a walking distance of 3 km.

Things To Do

As mentioned earlier, visit this place for the ultimate awakening experience. Explore the area. But please do not litter. This beautiful virgin beach reflects the healing energies of Mother Nature. Absorb the energies.

Swamp and migratory birds

There is a huge swamp nearby. It is dotted with a variety of migratory birds. This can be a lovely spot for bird watchers.

Thottada beach

Thottada beach, 800 meters long and lined with lush coconut palm trees, is the perfect spot to rejuvenate yourselves in the morning and the evening. Do yoga. Meditate. Or simply sit and watch the sea. Who knows? The powerful cosmic energies of the place may give you a few answers to life’s questions!

The sunset is a thing to watch from the beach. It is a divine sight.


Thalassery is a small quintessential coastal town along the Malabar coast. It is famous for the Thalaserry biryani. When in North Kerala, you must have a taste of this biryani.

Apart from this, relish the local food here. The seafood is awesome.


Accommodation is available near the beach, that too, at an affordable price. The benefit of staying near the beach is that you can easily stroll down the beach anytime.

Essentials To Carry

The beach is clean and empty. You will find no stalls or eating outlets here. So, if you are looking to spend hours at the beach, please carry your own food and water, and beach essentials. Don’t forget sunscreen.

How to Reach:

Kannaur railway station is 7 km from Kannaur. This place is also connected through road. Calicut International Airport is 115 km from here.

The best time to visit Thottada beach is between September and May. The temperature is pleasant during these months; the sea is calm, and the sunshine is mild. This gives you a chance to sunbathe at the beach or take a lonely walk along the seashore with the lovely breeze touching you.

Come, discover your spiritual side at Chera, Thottada beach!

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