Hi, I’m Acharya Anoop

Acharya Anoop is a trained yogi in Mahayoga tradition. He also studied Vedic literature, Astrology and Vastu from different scholars and seers. His moniker ‘Mystic Traveller’ comes from his many years of travelling in India and the world, offering healing, jyotish, vastu, spiritual discourses and metaphysical consciousness to people, as well as visit to sacred sites to harmonize energy spots and attuned co-travellers with the same cosmic energy.   

This energy, a new human experience, has amazed and enthralled all those who have had the opportunity to experience it. He organises various retreats, workshops and camps for all-round self development of every participant that transforms all the facets of his/her life.    

People, from different parts of the world, travel with him to experience the power of spiritual energy radiating from different places, which is beyond knowledge and ignorance.